Symbol Dictonary

Symbol Name Explanation
Goal Player scored
Penalty scored Player scored penalty kick
Penalty failed Player failed penalty kick
Own goal Player scored own goal
Yellow card Foul, player is cautioned with a Yellow card.
Red card Serious foul play, referee shown red card, player is dismissed from the field of play.
2 Yellows turn 1 red Repeat foul, referee shown Yellow card again. A player who receives 2 Yellow Cards is given a Red Card and ejected.
Change player Change player
Substitude enters Substitude player enters field
Substitude leaves Substitude player leaves field
Field captain Field captain
Functional keys:
Text roll up Text move upward, in ascending order.
Text roll down Text move downward, in descending order.
Normal view Live commentary in normal view.
Large view Live commentary in large view.
Standard font Standard font
Large font Large font
Analysis Both sides’ game results in the past, the results of their 20 most recent games respectively, start time and the broadcast channels of the game as well as the handicap, and so on.
Quick access to live commentary Quick jump to live commentary
Quick access to lineup Quick jump to lineup
Quick access to dicussion zone Quick jump to discussion zone
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